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Memphis grandmother's car repossessed with grandson inside

A Memphis grandmother says she did nothing wrong, but her actions took her four-year-old grandson on what could have been a very dangerous ride.

The four-year-old and his grandmother Ruth Brown were driving home from the store, and the boy fell asleep in the back seat.

Brown says her daughter's boyfriend was outside the house as she unloaded groceries Friday evening.  She went inside to get someone to carry in the boy, as he's too heavy for her to carry him herself.

"The car was right there," Brown said.  "What's the problem? I don't see him being in any endangerment, because her boyfriend was standing right there."

Brown says she wasn't inside for more than five minutes, but that was enough time for her car, with her grandson inside, to vanish.

"I just thought somebody had come up here and stole it, straight wired it, because I had the key," she said.

It turns out the car had been repossessed, and the repo man never knew about the sleeping child in the back seat.

Kevin was recovered safely, but now Brown says she's being made out as the villain.

"Everybody wants to blame me," she said.

As of now, authorities don't seem to think Brown did anything wrong, and police have said she will not face any charges.

If anything, this close call has become a lesson to a grandmother and everyone else that leaving a child unattended in a car for even a minute can be very dangerous.

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