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Parents urging city to board up abandoned west Toledo house

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Parentsin one west Toledo neighborhood are voicing their concerns over a vacant homethey say is dangerous.

The houseis located on Asbury Drive, directly across the street from Asbury Park.

Peoplewho live in the area say it's the abandoned home's location that worries thembecause it's extremely close to where their children play.

Neighborssay the home has been vacant for quite some time and continues to deteriorate.  The foundation is crumbling, and there's evena hole someone could climb through.

"It'spretty scary," said one resident.  "If akid would get into the house, we're kind of worried about one of them gettinghurt and nobody know that they're in there."

Someneighbors say they've seen kids trying to play at the home before, so they'reurging the city to demolish, or at least board up, the house.

Cityofficials say they have four complaints about the home on file.  After speaking with us, they said they wouldput the home on a priority list and hope to get it boarded up soon.

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