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Carroll school building transforming into family center

CARROLL TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A $15,000 purchase is finally being put to use in Carroll Township. Trustees are ironing out plans for the old Carroll school building.

It has been nearly two years since students have walked the halls of the old Carroll Township School. Township leaders say they have new plans for the building that will bring the kids back, but not for class.

The soccer field out back is about the only thing being put to use these days. Township trustees say they want to see just as much action inside the old school building as they do on the field.

A committee is being formed to discuss turning the building, purchased from Benton Carroll Salem schools, into a family center as a place to host events and community functions.

School officials say they support the idea and it will give their students in rural areas a place to hang out.

"We know that it's going to be in good hands with the trustees, and that community minded people will be using it, and in people's minds, Carroll school will always be Carroll school, and it will always be a community center," said Superintendent Guy Parmigian, Benton Carroll Salem Schools.

Last fall, school leaders sold the old Graytown Elementary building for $8,000 to Northpoint Educational Services.

They say the low price tags reflect the fact that not too many people have a use for a several thousand square foot building and all the expenses that come with it.

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