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Cavs looking to acquire "targets"

The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to enter "targeted acquisition mode" soon, according to Acting General Manager David Griffin. 

"We have the asset value on this roster in terms of veterans who are well thought of, young players who are extremely talented, draft picks into the future, our current draft pick, cap space, an owner who will spend money and stop at nothing to succeed. We have the things we need to be attractive while we go look for the right pieces," Griffin said.

The right pieces will be the ones that fit the best, something Griffin stressed on Tuesday. He mentioned "fit" issues when talking about adding anybody, including draft picks. Barring a miracle in the lottery, they will own the ninth selection. "If a player at nine fits us and radically advances the bar in the short term, then we're going to embrace that. And if the player sitting there at nine is not the player who puts us in the best position, then we're going to need to do what we have to do," added Griffin.

The players in the draft pool will be looked over, but so will the people and players already on the Cavs. Even Griffin and head coach Mike Brown are under the microscope.

"We're all under review," Griffin said in response to a question about Brown's situation. "In terms of timing and who will be making that call, we're going to get together and collectively talk about the future our vision of that future and where we need to go. If we're all on the same page, I see no reason this group can't be successful and if we're not we need to make whatever changes put us on the right page."

It is not known when the fate of Brown or Griffin will be determined.

Owner Dan Gilbert has yet to address the issues in public since the end of the season.

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