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Editorial: Secretary of State right to be frustrated with Lucas County Board of Elections


In case you missed "The Leading Edge" this past Sunday morning, and by the way you really should try to catch Jerry Anderson and his guests…it's good stuff, Secretary of State John Husted was his guest.  He talked to Jerry about the oft-troubled Lucas County Board of Elections.  A summary of his comments includes terms and phrases like…"we have tried on numerous occasions to advise them but they seem incapable of managing themselves."  And, "It is now a statewide issue…costing more resources and time to manage than the other 87 boards of election in the entire state."  He referenced "poor management, bad decisions and a lack of professionalism and effectiveness."

Mr. Husted assured us that his recently formed bi-partisan oversight committee would deliver a smooth May Primary.  Following that we can expect specific actions to be recommended to bring an end to the Lucas County Board of Elections chaos which would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

Mr. Husted said his patience is limited.  Join the club, Mr. Secretary.  We look forward to your leadership.   

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