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Loan company leaves consumer deeper in debt


They were supposed to guide him out of a tough financial spot, but one man said the company left him hundreds of dollars deeper in debt.

There's a group that promises to help customers negotiate and get a handle on their debt, but a lot of people say they're doing the opposite.

Payday loans can trap consumers in a cycle of debt. Greg Ford of Hendersonville was one of those caught.

Ford owed $690 to two cash advance companies. When he heard an ad on the radio for Payday Loan Support, he called.

"We're going to get you down to zero balance," Ford said he was told.

He agreed to pay Payday Loan Support, also called Payday Support Center, three monthly payments of $199 each, almost $600 in all.

"I'm thinking ‘this is great because it's less than what I owe,'" said Ford.

He understood that they would be paying off his loans. But within a few months, he started getting collection notices from the cash advance companies he borrowed from.

"Once we begin court proceedings, it was a shock," said Ford.

The companies were taking him to court. Payday Loan Support hadn't paid the case advance places.

Other people said the same thing happened to them. They have complained to the Ripoff Report and the Better Business Bureau.

Channel 4 News contacted Payday Loan Support, which said to email its public relations company, which did not reply.

Consumers are missing the fine print in the company's documents.

Payday Loan Support said it only validates a consumer's debt, they don't consolidate or settle the debt for you.

Ford said that's not what he was told. He said he was flimflammed.

"It's just the principal," said Ford. "These people lied to me. They told me they were going to do a particular thing and they didn't do it."

Ford learned an expensive lesson. He's out the $600 he paid Payday Loan Support and still owes the loan companies $690.

"It stinks to high heaven," said Ford. "I pray every day, really and truly, that I think about it that God will put this company out of business."

The loan centers were willing to negotiate with Ford. They said they would have accepted a smaller amount as a settlement. He didn't have to go to an outside company.

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