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Family of murder suspect holds walk, proclaim innocence


The family of David Dooley, the man accused of murdering Michelle Mockbee in her Northern Kentucky workplace in 2012, believe he's innocent.

On Sunday, supporters of Dooley took off on their first "Walk Toward Freedom" and balloon release at Boone County's Central Park. 

Dooley's family says he did not kill Mockbee at Thermo Fisher Scientific in May 2012, where he was also employed.

A prayer, followed by 40 balloons, all went flying into the clear spring sky at that park before taking off on a more than 3-mile walk, all proclaiming one message. Last week, Dooley turned 40-years old. That's why 40 balloons were released, all with names of people released for crimes they didn't commit. 

"Each balloon has the name of a person that has been released from prison for a crime that they did not do," said Janet Dooley, David's wife.

Dooley has not been convicted. But, his wife believes he has.

"Dave's not been convicted, but I feel that he has. I totally do not believe in innocent before proven guilty. I totally do not believe that.  We're fighting for the right cause today," said Dooley.

She hopes one day she'll be able to release a balloon with his name inside.

"I told Dave, when he gets out, the day he walks out of that courtroom, we will stop and buy a balloon and we will come back over to this park, and we will release another one with his name in it," Dooley said.

Dooley is accused of murdering Michelle Mockbee in May2012 at their workplace in Florence. In early 2013, court documents showed that DNA at the crime scene didn't belong to Dooley

Dooley's wife says she's seen all she needs to see, and there's no way he could have done this.

"I have told all my friends, and my family, if I thought for one minute that Dave was guilty, I would not stand by him," Dooley added.

She says they'll continue fighting, and believing that, to them, the truth will come out.

FOX19 asked, "Do you believe that David is innocent?"  Dooley replied, "Yes.  100 percent."

FOX19 spoke with Jennifer Schneider, sister of Michelle Mockbee.  She issued this quote saying, "We expect justice to be served in the courtroom."  

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