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Browns movie comes to the big screen

Draft day is all about the art of the deal. Picking the right rookie can make a team a winner.

Kevin Costner , as the Browns general manager, Sonny Weaver, in the upcoming movie, Draft Day.  In the movie he's from Cleveland. He's in the third year of his contract and he's having a tough time wheeling and dealing.

Denis Leary is Coach Vince Penn of the Browns. The two have a combative relationship.

"In the movie it's a battle between Kevin and myself. So ultimately I guess it comes down to both of us learning to work together," said Leary.

Jennifer Garner spices things up.

"I think most people probably walk away from this movie thinking about how beautiful and sexy and funny Jennifer Garner is," said Leary.

No, it really is a football movie. Director/producer Ivan Reitman read the Draft Day script at 4 a.m. on a sleepless night.  

"I loved it.  I couldn't put it down.  Literally, the next morning I went to my office told everybody I wanted to make this movie," said Reitman.

Costner thinks football fans everywhere are going to love this movie.

"You want people to feel like you got  your money's worth and you to want to create a moment when the hair grows on the back of your neck or you wish you would have said a line.  You wish you were that guy," said Costner.

Well, Kevin Costner is the man.  He's taking a fictitious Cleveland Browns team to the big screen. This movie is not a spoof of our beloved brownies, either.  It's an exciting, action filled, behind the scenes look at Draft Day with orange and brown boldly displayed.

Draft Day opens in theaters this Friday, April 11.

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