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Residential areas not included in Springfield Township changes, officials say


The final vote for the Spring Meadows Overlay District is Monday night in Springfield Township, and residents are concerned their houses will be affected if it passes. It's happening along Airport Highway from Holloway to Eber.

The goal is to spruce up the area, but the overlay district border lines cross onto residential land, creating fears for those living in the Wolf Creek area. Springfield Township officials say Wolf Creek residents should not be concerned about the Spring Meadows Overlay District, despite the boundaries including some homes in the area.

"The whole purpose of the district it is for commercial uses anyways," said Jacob Barnes, the zoning inspector.

In response to people voicing their concerns to the township, Barnes says they have changed the write up of the overlay district.

"We have added some more language just since the last hearing to clarify the residential uses and zone partials are not included in this district," said Barnes.

Some of the new changes to businesses will include less parking and more green space, promoting high quality building materials and designs, like canopy. Barnes says the township wanted to take control of what the future township will look like.

"It is important because it is the main commercial area in the township. It is the heart of our commercial activity. It is pretty much our identity," said Barnes.

If township officials pass the overlay district, it will take effect in 30 days. The new rules only apply to incoming businesses, or businesses undergoing major renovations.

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