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Man making cross country hike to raise money for wounded vets

Joshua Lydell (Source: WBRC Video) Joshua Lydell (Source: WBRC Video)
BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Joshua Lydell is a man on a mission. “We all talk about being there for people. This to me, this is the ultimate expression of that.  I am taking the steps that maybe a lot of people and my friends maybe cannot take,” Lydell explained.

He’s making a cross country trek to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. It’s an organization that helps injured service men.

“It’s an organization that I’ve thought about doing something for, for a long time. I heard about them many, many years ago, and I like what they do so I decided to do something for them,” he added.

Being an ex-military man, it’s a mission Lydell holds close to his heart.

“Anyone who’s been in the military can tell you they’ve had friend whose been injured, and nobody likes to see that obviously. The hardships of war are obvious, but it’s the aftermath that concerns me.”

Last month Lydell packed up a few essentials, bought a comfortable pair of sneakers, and hit the road.

“I’ve run my own business for the last eight years. Then I just approved it and then I just started going from that point on.”

For the next seven months he will hike to his final destination in California. So far he’s made his way through South Carolina, Georgia, and East Alabama.

“When people stop me and ask me, I have a flyer that explains what I’m doing and it also give me a chance to sit down and communicate for a few minutes because the road does get lonely.”

So far, Lydell has raised $3000 for the project, but he  hopes to raise $100,000 by the end of his journey.

“This isn’t about one person donating a lot of money. It’s about a lot of people donating a little bit of money.”

Lydell has been traveling along Hwy 78 over the last few days. He will continue his journey this week after a few days of rest in Birmingham.

For more information on his story and how you make a donation, visit:

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