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UK fans take to twitter before the Final Four matchup

Source: @UKTurkeyHunter Source: @UKTurkeyHunter
#SucceedandProceed trending nationally on Twitter. Source: Twitter Trends #SucceedandProceed trending nationally on Twitter. Source: Twitter Trends
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The Kentucky Wildcats will face the Wisconsin Badgers tonight in a Final Four match up and this morning, the Big Blue Nation is a force to be reckoned with!

The Wildcats have taken to Twitter and here's what they're saying:

Coach John Calipari addressed the Big Blue Nation as he and the team head to the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Calipari tweeted:

@UKCoachCalipari: I was leaving Mass this morning and thinking of the #BBN and what message I could give you today before we embark on this ultimate challenge.

He also took to Twitter to recognize his players for all of their hard work and the legacy Coach Rupp left behind:

@UKCoachCalipari: Let's remember where all this started. It didn't start with me.

Fans honored Calipari by putting a massive sign in his front yard wishing him good luck. One fan tweeted:

@UKTurkeyHunter: Some guy just stopped at Cal's house, got out & put this in his yard. #Crazy

The photo has been shared everywhere from FOX19 to Mashable. Check out the video above to see it!

After hours of countless tweets, I couldn't help but join the conversation. I asked one fan how far he was willing to travel for the big game:

@DavidTolliver: Delayed problem. #BBN #FinalFour #Cats 

@FOX19MaryKate: @DavidTolliver How far are you traveling for the game? You must be a big fan! #BBN

@DavidTolliver: Nashville to Texas!!!! Come on!

#BBN isn't the only hashtag trending on twitter. Many fans have been tweeting #SucceedandProceeed in reference to Calipari's saying, "one and done." So many in fact that the hashtag began trending locally AND nationally on twitter!

What are you doing for the big game? Tweet me!

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