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Perrysburg families still recovering after last year’s tornado destruction

Construction continues for this neighborhood Construction continues for this neighborhood

It has been four months since a tornado ripped through Perrysburg Township leaving destruction in its path. Rebuilding the area hasn't been easy and the record breaking winter didn't help. Families lost nearly everything they had when the tornado ravaged their street in November. Now one family is finally moving back into their home.

"We got home last weekend after being gone for four months. It's very nice, very nice to be home," said Peggy Niedbalski.

Only this home is practically brand new. Niedbalski's roof was ripped off with twelve people trapped inside. The family was split up during the renovation.

"The sirens sounded. As soon as the sirens sounded it hit the house. It was very quick. We really didn't have a lot of time to move," said Niedbalski.

They emerged after the storm to see their home in shambles.

"We came upstairs and we saw the whole upstairs was gone and it was kind of surreal. I mean it was a really strange day. Scary," said Niedbalski.

Across the street from her, recovery is still underway for Justin Paulun. The brutal winter is making the construction on his home take much longer than planned.

"It was unbearable. There was no way they could work on it. There was too much water, too much snow. They're just unsafe conditions I'm guessing. So what we did is just patch up everything we had and waited," said Paulun.

Niedbalski now has a new puppy to live with her in her new home. She says she's thankful and considers herself lucky.

"Awesome. Having our whole family all under one roof is very nice," said Niedbalski.

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