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Rap video central to investigation against validated gang member

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Rodney Bryant faced a judge for the first time Thursday on new gun and drug charges.

Bryant was arrested after a month long investigation, with a rap video posted on Youtube (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE) as a central part in the case.

Bryant stars as Roll Up Ralph in the song titled "Competition feat. Mad Dawg." In the more than three minute long music video, Bryant is seen holding various assault weapons and cash and appears to be using drugs.

While the Wilmington Police Department can't confirm that the guns in the video are the same ones seized Thursday, other law enforcement sources say the post shows what officials are up against on the streets of Wilmington.

Law enforcement officials said the video helped them discover gang affiliations, potential crimes, and territories connected to Bryant and another man, Shaquille Gregg, who has been charged with attempted murder in another case.

Sources said their ultimate goal in their fight against gang violence in the Port City is to see criminals spend a long time behind bars, but they admit it's a difficult task.

In the courtroom Thursday, Bryant was given a court appointed attorney because he claimed he couldn't afford his own.

His next appearance before a judge is set for April 24.

Bryant's family was also in the courtroom. We reached out to them for comment, but they declined to speak at this time.

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