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Help kids deal with stress of school testing

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With state-wide testing coming for many Ohio students, local heath care workers offering tips to help children deal with the stress.

Jamal Lee, a community health worker with Mercy, says kids are susceptible to stress just like adults.

"We tend to forget, we tend to worry, we tend to panic, we tend to have anxiety build ups, we tend to doubt ourselves," said Lee.

Lee says the most important factor is rest. Children need to get a good night's sleep to prepare for the day ahead.

Having a student "cram" for the test, studying a lot of information in a short period of time, can be overwhelming and crate panic. It is a better idea to study a little each day.

A balanced breakfast the day of the test is also important. Lee recommends oatmeal, eggs or protein.

Lee says not to put too much emphasis on the results or consequences of the test. Just let the student do their best.

Finally, Lee says to encourage the student to think positively.

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See more on how kids should prepare for testing from the Ohio Department of Transportation here -

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