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City of Oregon installing new outdoor warning sirens

In an effort to increase protection during severe weather season, four new outdoor warning sirens will soon be installed in the city of Oregon.

One area, however, will continue to go without protection: Maumee Bay State Park.

One Maumee Bay visitor said the lack of nearby sirens leaves people vulnerable.

"I know if there were storms coming up and I was out here walking, I would definitely want to know about that," said visitor Marcia Maria.

Oregon's portion of the State Park includes the campground, which is a very popular destination during the summer and fall.

Police Chief Mike Navarre realizes this area is not getting a warning siren.

"There are areas where there is no coverage, but there are very few residents in those areas," he said.  "Certainly the goal down the road is to have 100% coverage, but our priority right now is to cover those areas where there is the most densely dense population."

Chief Navarre says he hopes cell phones will be utilized even more to get warnings to under-protected area, and that ideally, the next siren would be in Jerusalem Township, close to the park.

"I think we'll get there someday," he said.  "These are not super expensive but they are not cheap either."

There has been a delay installing the new sirens.

One planned intersection of Starr and Coy has been changed to behind Starr Elementary.  The Chief expects all four sirens to be installed this month.

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