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Help anti-drunk driving advocate expand programs

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

In a drunk driving accident, everyone's safety is at risk. That's why one officer of the law is working hard to bring drunk driving awareness to Hancock County, and is working to teach young people and adults the dangers of driving intoxicated. Now he is asking for help in his efforts.

After losing a friend nearly 20 years ago in an alcohol related crash, Sergeant Mike Cortez found his new calling. He founded Safe Ride Home 10 years ago, offering a free ride home to anyone who has been out drinking on most holidays and special events in the county. Dick's Auto in Findlay tows the driver's car home, all free of charge.

Now Sergeant Cortez wants to take the program to a new level. He is hoping to purchase a drunk driving simulator, touring schools and even local businesses to show his community firsthand just how risky it is to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking and fun. The simulator will serve as a training tool.

"As the driver drives, naturally things happen, such as someone pulling out in front of you, a dog running out in front of you, a child. It will check your reaction time, and as you drive, the BAC limit will steadily increase, and it will steadily show the effects of alcohol on that driver," said Cortez.

Bringing the simulator to Hancock County will cost $30,000. So far Cortez has raised $12,000 through private donations.

Anyone wanting to donate to help gain the drunk driving simulator can do so through Sergeant Cortez's "Go Fund Me" Campaign:

To learn more about the Safe Ride Home Program in Findlay, click here:

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