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Stolen Presidio JFK statue found in unusual way

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

For nearly 50 years Presidio Park has been under the watchful eye of a John F. Kennedy statue until it went missing late last year.

The JFK statue has just been found and some are already working to restore it.

Over the weekend a worker at Can-it Recycling, a recycling center in Midtown, got an unexpected surprise.

"I was astonished," David Cook said Monday. "It's just one of those things you don't expect. Not very many statues of JFK show up."

Two people came in with the Kennedy statue in hand, according to Cook. With only a few blemishes, the JFK statue bust was found in a wash and taken to the recycling center.

"They had it on a coat hanger," according to Cook. "The black bag had a coat hanger wrapped around it and they carried it by the coat hanger."

Cook told the two people that the recycling center could not buy it. He then said the couple did not want cash but instead wanted to find the rightful owner. 

The Pima County Democratic Party donated the JFK statue to the City of Tucson in the 1960s after Kennedy's assassination. Now the group is glad to see the statue of the 35th president reappear.

"We're going to talk with them on how to put it back on the base and back at El Presidio Park," said Jason Ground, a spokesman for the Pima County Democratic Party.

It might take some time until the bust is returned to Presidio Park because Tucson police may hold on to it as evidence while they conduct a criminal investigation to try and figure out who stole it.

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Copyright 2014 Tucson News Now. All rights reserved.

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