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Maumee River Walleye Run gets a slow start due to long winter

Fishermen enjoyed Monday on the Maumee River Fishermen enjoyed Monday on the Maumee River
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Monday was a perfect day to get outdoors and even enjoy the water on the Maumee River. Fishermen were especially excited to return to their sport, but the nice weather's late arrival has caused some problems for those in Northwest Ohio.

The time of year for the start of the Maumee River Walleye Run has come and gone, but the walleye are still not biting. Many fishermen said the brutal winter is the reason why the Walleye Run fishing event, where up to 500,000 fish make their way up the river, has been delayed.

Robert Truss, his father John, and father-in-law Jerry Williams took advantage of the warm weather and spent some time on the river. This trio says they love fishing, especially for walleye.

"I love the way they taste. The best fish around," said Truss.

"There's nothing like the fight of a walleye. They give you your money's worth," said Williams.

The Walleye Run usually starts at the beginning of March, but the long winter has pushed that back to the beginning of April.

"We need to get the water temperatures up to the 42 plus degree range. We're still not quite there. We're in the low 30's right now so that's really what's holding the fish back from coming up river at this point," said Eric Volnalmen from the Division of Wildlife.

The lack of bites is frustrating for some fishermen. Dennis Herr drove down from Jackson, Michigan and he says this is all a part of the game.

"This river is funny. Sometimes you catch them and sometimes you don't. First two times we came down here we didn't catch a fish but last time we caught our limit and this time we haven't caught nothing," said Herr.

Hooks this late in the walleye season have remained empty, but many fishermen are making the best out of it.

"It's pushing us back a little bit but its okay just to come out and get some fresh air," said Truss.

Wildlife officials say there are a lot of theories on whether it will be a short run this year or if it's going to be extended. They say at this point it's just too hard to tell.

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