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Henrico High School student charged with assaulting faculty members


A  Henrico High School student is in trouble with police after she's accused of attacking three faculty members.

At least one person was injured, the 16-year-old now faces several assault charges.

You often see one of Henrico High's school resource officers patrolling the halls; watching out for students who may be getting into trouble.

Jordan Green, a freshman, says it took an officer to stop another student from attacking faculty members.  He says the fight happened in front of him.

 "All I seen she was punching them all over," he said.

It was around lunchtime when police say the 16 year old was being disorderly in the cafeteria.

"They told me at first she was about to get into a fight with another student," he said.

Police say she didn't like an administrator talking to her about it, so two other faculty members tried to step in.  That's when officers say she started hitting and kicking the three staff members.  One woman was hit in the stomach.

The police report says there was another altercation that lunch hour between two teen girls.  But those charges are pending.

This isn't the first time the school has made the news. In October, there was another fight near the buses.  Three students were charged in another fight which resulted in the homecoming almost being canceled

But students say the school has a lot to offer and these fights are being caused by a small group of troublemakers.

 "We have a great school that's what I think personally," says Green.

 "The school reputation isn't bad, it's just certain people are more aggressive than others," says Richard Prentis, a sophomore.  "Understand what they went through and where they're coming from and why they're anger is being caused."

According to HCPS' Code of Student Conduct, there are a variety of punishments that come with fighting a staff member; it can range from detention to a recommendation for expulsion.

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