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Editorial: Spring is here again

It was a brutal winter, but spring is officially here for Toledo. It was a brutal winter, but spring is officially here for Toledo.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

In case you missed it, Toledo has officially been designated as having the worst 2014 winter in America.  I doubt most of us sat around back in November and wished for this distinction. In Toledo we set a lot of records such as the most snow ever, most calamity days for schools, most record cold days, and unofficially the most pot holes and the most times someone looked to the sky and said "please make it stop." 

Well it is officially over and hey, you made it!  Even though it may not feel like it today, the calendar says Spring is here.  The temperatures will approach 60 this weekend.  Once again the sun will get warmer, the days longer, the rain will replace the snow and we will move on to other things.  You also now have your own legacy winter to reference -one that surpasses even the dreaded winter of 1977-78.  It will most likely be long time before it gets this ugly again.  It has been about 35 years since the last time it was this bad. I sure hope I'm not eating these words next March and writing another editorial about winter woes.  I mean, it can't happen twice in a row, can it? 

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