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Police: Burglars may be posing as workers


Burglars are hiding in plain sight before breaking into local homes, police said Friday.

Clarksville officers are investigating a spike of home break-ins on the north side of town, many happening in the middle of the day in busy subdivisions.

Investigators suspect the burglars are using a work vehicle such as a utility truck or moving van that goes unnoticed, Officer Natalie Hall said in an email.

The suspects are likely posing as moving men, service workers, contractors or salesman, Hall said.

The burglars may knock on the front door to see if anyone is home. If there's no answer, they kick in the back door to get inside, Hall said.

Police say televisions and other valuables are then loaded into the work truck and driven away.

Officers say neighbors should watch for door-to-door salesmen or other workers who don't have proper ID. Suspicious activity should be reported so police can check a worker's credentials, Hall said.

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