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Community members weigh in on options to replace Waterville Bridge

ODOT presented proposed plans for public to view ODOT presented proposed plans for public to view
WATERVILLE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Waterville Bridge over the Maumee River connects Lucas and Wood Counties. Ten thousand vehicles pass on it daily but the Ohio Department of Transportation says it's over sixty years old and needs to be replaced.

"We do know this is a very important link from Lucas and Wood Counties especially for the community of Waterville," said Theresa Pollick of ODOT.

In Waterville Thursday night ODOT revealed three replacement bridge options at a public meeting.

One requires tearing down the existing bridge and then building a new one. Motorists would be detoured during construction to Maumee and Grand Rapids in order to cross the river. The detour would be over possibly a two year period.

Option two is building a new structure next to the existing one. Traffic would be detoured for just over a month and the existing bridge would then be open to traffic during construction.

Option three shows a new bridge built from Farnsworth Road.

All three options call for a roundabout on the Wood County side and construction would begin in 2017. Depending on which plan is picked, cost will run from $18 million to $21 million.

"Each of these three alternatives had different pros and cons and that's why we're here today, to see what the community prefers here," said Pollick.

Most people at the meeting said they support option two.

"Because it's going to be less inconvenient for people on the Perrysburg side of the bridge," said Perrysburg resident Carol Dickey.

Dickey's children go to school in Whitehouse and she works there too. She said a shorter detour time is appealing.

"With option two it looks like its 35 to 40 days which I think I can handle," said Dickey.

ODOT will evaluate public comment about the three bridge options. A decision is expected by June.

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