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Chardon reacts to TJ Lane's sentence appeal

TJ Lane (Source: Lorain County Correctional Institution) TJ Lane (Source: Lorain County Correctional Institution)

On March 26, 2014 in Chardon, Ohio life goes on. Pizza is delivered and it's business as usual inside Marci's Hair Salon On the Square.

Only the conversation can turn on a dime at anytime to that terrible day back in 2012. February 27 is the day 17-year-old TJ Lane fired 10 shots in the Chardon High School cafeteria. He Killed three students and injured three more.

On March 26, 2014 Lane's attorney appealed Lane's three life sentences.

Resident Laurie Gill reacted with, "It blows my mind that its coming out again. It's just not fair. It hurts everybody over and over again."

It was just last year at his sentencing that TJ Lane poured salt on an open wound by giving courtroom attendees the finger and wore a shirt that said "killer" on it in court.

Parent Ron Mansfield called it flat out ridiculous that the teenager who pled guilty to avoid death.

He recalled, "Oh! What he did to those families! He knew what he was doing. He's getting what he deserved."

"It's not fair to the families and the rest of the kids in that school to have to go through this again," added Gill. "Oh! Let it go! You did your crime. Do your time."

Cooper Snyder is a sophomore at Chardon High and isn't happy about dragging out the justice process.

He said, "I'm tired of hearing about it. I wAs fine with the sentence a year ago. I don't understand why he needs to keep bringing it up."

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