Workers sport tribute stickers in honor of fallen firefighters

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Wednesday marks two months since Toledo lost two heroes in firefighters Steven Machcinski and Jamie Dickman, but even two months later, there are reminders they will never be forgotten.

One sign of that is at Station Number 3, where an unexpected tribute to two lives lost is continued by men and women who didn't know them: a small memorial placed on the helmets of many.

The Walleye started the movement by wearing these helmet stickers this season to remember the fallen.  Fire Chief Santiago wanted to follow suit, so he placed the stickers on the entire department's helmets.

"That's about unity," he said.  "It's about remembering and honoring and how we're all part of this community."

Now, the construction workers finishing work at Station 3 have done the same, sporting the stickers on their own helmets in tribute of the pain these firefighters have endured.

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