Jamie Dickman's sister says family thankful for all the community has done

Jamie Dickman
Jamie Dickman

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Earlier this year Toledo lost two heroes in a fire on Magnolia Street.

Firefighters Jamie Dickman and Steve Machinski were killed in the line of duty.   As you can imagine, these have been some trying times for the family.

Libby Cheney, sister of Jamie Dickman, says the reason they've gotten through it all is because of the people here who have shown them overwhelming amounts of love and support.

For Jamie Dickman becoming a Toledo firefighter was a dream come true.

"It was god, family, firefighting, he lived it, breathed it," said his sister, Libby Cheney. "He loved the community. He would drive over I think it was the Maumee bridge and say 'this is my town and these are my people!' And only living here six months he really embraced the community and was so excited to be here."

Followed by his wife and two young children, they planned to call Toledo home.

Those dreams were cut short on January 26, when Dickman and fellow firefighter Steven Machinski were killed in the line of duty.

Since then the family says they've been overwhelmed with support - everything from food, to calls to messages to memorials.

"Most of the people that we come across had never even had a chance to meet him so to have such love and support be shown for someone they never even knew, that's tremendous," said Cheney.

Cheney says those actions and her brother's memory won't be forgotten anytime soon.

She says they are in the process of coming up with a way to give back, because they know that's exactly what Jamie would want.

"At first, oh he would be eating it up. He'd be like 'I told you my name would be in shiny lights one day!' But then again he would be grateful for us to give back to his brothers and sisters and the community," said Cheney.

The family plans to announce those plans to give back on Jamie's birthday, which is coming up in April.

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