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Findlay woman paying it forward after losing home in fire

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Findlay woman says she was so overwhelmed by the support when her family's home burnt down, she started a group to help others in the same situation.

On June 10, 2013, the Stevers' lives changed, when an electrical fire totally destroyed their home in Findlay. They lost everything. 

As they rebuild their lives and home from the ground up, they say community support is what's gotten them through it all.

"It was amazing, the outreach that we had. Gift cards, clothes...We didn't have to worry about anything for the first few days," said Emily Stevers.

That kindness from neighbors is what led Emily to start a charity just for fire victim like herself.

Through her Facebook group "Fire Victims Support," and word of mouth, Emily has been able to collect clothing, furniture, appliances. On Monday, she received the biggest donation of them all.

For months, Emily has been keeping donation in a storage unit, garage, even inside her own home. Now a Findlay building will be the headquarters for her charity, and it won't cost her a dime.

"It will be amazing help, to be able to provide more for these families, because they need so much at once. In one day you can take them a whole U-haul full of stuff, because they have nothing. They're sleeping on floors," said Emily.

The Stearns Group of Findlay donated the building, right of I-75, across from Frickers. The charity will be able to use the building free of charge for the next two years.

Emily says this good deed will allow her to help more people like, Christy Cramner, her husband, and baby Dawsyn, who lost their home in a fire last month.

"Through her donations, we didn't have to buy any kids clothing. We had all of -- this little girl and her brother -- all of her clothes were provided," said Christy.

Anyone wanting to donate to the fire victim's support group can contact Emily Stevers on her Facebook group or her website.

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