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Springfield Township orders home owner to clean up yard


Action is being taken against homeowners that have left tires, debris, and all sorts of other junk on their front lawn in Springfield Township.

It's the first time the township has ever declared an occupied house a nuisance.

Township trustees have ordered the removal of a shed, debris and junk from the front lawn of the property.

"It is still on a weekly basis, we will get one or two complaints every single week. It has been going on for couple years and the neighbors seem to be pretty fed up with the situation, about as fed up as we are with it," said zoning inspector Jacob Barnes.

Neighbors say some progress has been made on the property. Barnes say the owners have 30 days to clean everything up. If the cleanup is not completed in that time the township will hire someone to do it and put a tax lien on the property to pay for it.

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