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Northwood sharing crime tracking software with other departments, public

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Technology used by the Northwood Police Department allows dispatchers to track patrol cars in real time using GPS, and provides a wealth of crime statistics at the click of a mouse.

Now, the department is looking to share that information with nearby police departments, and even some of it with the public.

"The officers have that at their fingertips how many times they've been to this house for that particular problem in the last several years," said Northwood Police Chief Thomas Cairl.

Lake Township, Walbridge and Rossford Police are working to tie into the system.

"Sharing as much as we can is not only effective to the taxpayers. If we can share that information we can also help fight crime and close some cases together as well," said Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss.

Northwood residents also have access to the crime statistic side of the software.

"The residents want to know what's taking place in their neighborhood without having to call us. They can simply log on to, go to crime mapping and it pops up. They can put their address in there and see what's going on inside the city," said Chief Cairl.

To view the system, visit

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