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Perrysburg schools to extend school year

Perrysburg Schools have experienced a ton of snow this winter Perrysburg Schools have experienced a ton of snow this winter
PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

As the school year winds down, local school districts are still recovering from our very long, cold and snowy winter. The decision on how to make up missed school days has been long awaited.

Perrysburg schools have announced how it will handle its slew of calamity days. Two decisions were made Monday night. The first is converting a teacher's work day in May into a regular school day. The second is the Perrysburg school year will now be one day longer.

If snow continues to keep the doors closed this year, an even longer school year is the plan, which will mean a shorter summer for both students and staff.

"There wasn't a one-size-fits-all solution that everyone was going to love. Everyone had an opinion," said Perrysburg Schools Superintendent Tom Hosler.

When it came down to the final choice, Perrysburg school leaders decided a longer school year is better for their students than longer school days.

"Because we bus so many students to non-public and charter schools, almost 500, it makes it very challenging for us to change our times," said Hosler.

Perrysburg schools have closed for a total of 12 days this winter. To make up for the lost time, a teacher work day on May 23 will now be a regular school day. Blizzard bags, where students complete assignments online, will be used for two of those days, and the school year is now one day longer. The final bell is set to ring on June 6.

"We can do one to two more days, and we would use blizzard bags before we would kick into starting school that second week in June, which we're really trying hard to avoid," said Hosler.

Another change parents can expect is school starting back earlier next year. Instead of August 25, students will report to class on August 20. Leaders say this will primarily benefit high school students. Instead of having to take exams when they come back from Christmas break, they will be able to finish them before the holidays.

While school officials are holding out hope for no more snow days, they say if the weather is severe enough, they have to make the smart decision and keep the doors closed.

"It is one of the most difficult decisions, because the last thing that we want to do is put our drivers or our students in a position where they could be hurt," said Hosler.

Parents can view and download the full calamity day plan for Perrysburg here.

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