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Youth employment program to provide 700 jobs

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo is coordination program which will provide 700 jobs for young Toledoans this summer.

Lucas County Commissioners and EOPA leaders announced the youth employment program, which is funded by the federal government, on Tuesday.

Participants will be paid $8 per hour to partake in an 8 week, 40 hour per week training program. Young people will learn communication skills, conflict resolution and how to handle themselves in the workplace.

After completing the training program, participants will be placed in a job at one of several companies partnering with EOPA.

"This is about work experience, give them the idea of what work's like, getting up, getting dressed, talking in the right way, showing up and doing the right thing with your money," said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerkin.

"This will take 700 children and give them the opportunity to go empower 700 more and these services can become available to the entire community and empower more children to do the right thing," said program director Tomeka Rushing.

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