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Blissfield residents worried about possible flooding

BLISSFIELD, MI (Toledo News Now) -

It's a story residents of Blissfield know all too well.Melting snow led to high water and flooding in the village in 2011.

"Our basement was flooded so we had to get that fixed," said SydDoyle.

Leaders say they want everyone to be prepared in case offlooding this year. The county's Emergency Management Director met withBlissfield's police chief Thursday to assess the risk.

The best thing to do to prepare for possible flooding is tomove important documents to a safe place, preferably somewhere high in thehome. Residents should also have a bag ready in case they need to evacuatequickly.

Leaders expect to have anupdate on flooding potential in Blissfield next Tuesday. In the mean time,residents say they're just keeping their fingers crossed.

"We're just trusting thatit's not going to flood again," said Doyle.

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