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MAC tournament attendance low from winter storm

Fans at the MAC tournament. Fans at the MAC tournament.

The winter blast had a huge impact on attendance at the MAC basketball tournament.

Normally, the Q is packed, but not on Wednesday night.

Several freeways were shut down and there were dozens of accidents on the roads as fans from across the state tried to make their way to downtown Cleveland.

From the ticket windows, to the concession areas, to the stands, the arena was virtually empty. Just a few hundred fans watched the action.

Ohio University senior Patrick Moore made the 200-plus mile journey from Athens to Cleveland and ran into major headaches on I-71 near Medina.

"The snow was really sticking to the ground. We had to slow down to well below the speed limit.  Barely made it just in time for tip off," Moore said.

The fans who did brave extremely hazardous road conditions were thankful just to get to the game.

"Well, we did see one accident on our way here.  Just a single car like spun out," said Alicia Harrison as she walked toward her seat. "I'd say it was one of the worst days probably."

With the weather expected to be much better this weekend, the crowds at the Q should grow.

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