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Family: Teen with autism tased while playing with toy gun

FOSTORIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Fostoria woman says her 16-year-old grandson, who has autism, was tased by the police department there because he was playing with a toy gun.

Pamela Smith says her grandson was playing with a camouflage gun with an orange tip in the family's backyard when police arrived. Officers had received a report of a male with a gun in the yard.

A Fostoria Police report states police gave the teen several orders to drop the weapon before he led them on a foot chase.  Smith says she tried to explain that her grandson did not understand the orders.

"I'm trying to explain to the Fostoria police he has a disability. He doesn't know what you're trying to tell him right now. And they tell me to shut up and get back in the house," said Smith.

Smith says officers would not listen to her, and used excessive force on her grandson.

"I go out the front door and the Fostoria police are on top of him and they had tased him," said Smith. "The officers are on top of him and screaming and yelling at him and screaming and yelling at us. They're not trying to listen to anybody. And I'm like you're going to hurt him."

The Fostoria Police report states that he teen was detained, but does not mention him being tased. No one from the Fostoria Police department was available to comment on the incident Monday.

Smith says she hopes officers will learn from the incident.

"I never want to be treated this way again. Never. Be aware of autism. That is the biggest thing," said Smith.

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