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Oregon sewer rates to increase when waste water expansion begins

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A $16 million waste water expansion project in Oregon is slated to start this year. The five-year expansion project will focus on making fewer bypasses out into the lake, while benefiting residents in the long run.

"Community's like Oregon - and anyone who has a waste water treatment plant - are facing orders for the Environmental Protection Agency to increase treatment or storage," explained Oregon city administrator Mike Beazley.

The EPA requires the city to increase the secondary treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment plant from 24 million gallons per day to 35 million gallons per day, to eliminate secondary treatment bypasses and sanitary sewer collection system overflows during wet weather events.

"Long term, it will be better for our residents, for their basements, backyards. This will make sure that water doesn't back up and go into their home. So it pays off for the community," said Beazley.

Because of this expansion, sewer rates will increase for residents to help pay for part of the project.

"Right now we're going through the design phase to make that determination with our partners to find out what that is going to be. But at the end of that process, it's still going to be the lowest rates in the region," said Beazley.

Phase 1 of the project is expected to start as soon as the weather breaks. Phase 2 is expected to start by December 2015 and be completed in 2017.

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