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Don’t Waste Your Money: Low cost airlines could charge hidden fees

Low cost discount airlines are the hottest trend in flying right now, as budget-minded travelers try to avoid paying $400 or more for a round trip.

Allegiant Air, Spirit, and some other upstarts now offer seats to vacation destinations often for half the price of major airlines.

Watch for Extra Fees

But if you haven't flown discount in a long time, you may be in for a surprise. Unlike with legacy carriers, like Delta and United, many things that used to be "standard" are not included in your ticket.

Passenger Alan Leonard expected a fee for a checked bag, but not for his carry on too.

"It's bothersome to be told one price, and then for it to ultimately be another. They are charging for everything now, Leonard said.

How Much You'll Pay

The Huffington Post analyzed the fees, and says with Allegiant, you'll pay:

    --$50 to book by phone.

    --$8 to book with a credit card.

    --$5 to $75 to choose your seat in advance.

    --$10 for a carry-on bag, if you pay in advance.

    --$25 to $50 for a carry-on bag at the gate.

    --$2 for a bottle of water on board.

Spirit Airlines changes many of the same fees and on top of that recently did away with its toll free 800 number, the HuffPo reports. You are now charged for a toll call when calling from a landline.

It's all in an attempt to keep the base fare as low as possible, and still make a profit, according to HuffPo.

Passenger Lee Stallo understands, saying "you can spend as much as you want or as little as you want. I'm OK with that."

And with prices that undercut major carriers to popular vacation routes, it appears to be OK with most travelers who fly these airlines. 

Their other option, in many cases, is driving. So they will gladly pay for a Coke.

As always, don't waste your money.

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