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Brunswick enlists help of 'Pothole Killer' to take back city streets

Pothole Killer Pothole Killer

Potholes are out there, looking to bend your rims and knock off your alignment.

City officials in Brunswick are once again taking measures to fight and fill them by renting the 'Pothole Killer' truck.

The so-called "Pothole Killer" is a massive truck, and attached to the front of the truck is an arm with a nozzle that shoots out everything needed to patch the potholes. First, the nozzle blows out high pressured air that cleans the hole, then it shoots out liquid asphalt followed by the aggregate to fill the hole. It's then topped off with a layer of recycled tires that adheres and acts as a barrier patch.

City officials used the 'Pothole Killer' for the first time last year to patch some of their bigger trouble spots, and it worked great. Since this winter has been so brutal, they decided to rent it again, this time for an entire month.

Brunswick is the only local city to use this truck.

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