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Comparing current pothole claims to recent years

Random street in downtown Cleveland Random street in downtown Cleveland

The easiest things to find in Cleveland these days are potholes. 

A tougher thing to find are crews patching potholes -- but we did. 

Meantime, drivers who are happy about the road conditions are impossible to find, as well. 

Ohio's freeze and thaw cycle provides the perfect conditions for heaving pavement. 

Roadwork crews struggle to keep up but fail in what seems to be a year with a bumper crop of potholes.

The statistics back that fact up. In 2011 there were 377 claims.  The city paid out more than $23,000. 

In 2012 there were only 176 claims costing more than $16,000. In 2013 drivers submitted a whopping 588 claims for just under $29,000. 

Since January 1, there have been another 275 claims but no payout's yet.

It all sounds like a lot of money, but it only worked out to $62 a claim in 2011, $92 in 2012 and only a bit under $49 in 2013. 

We've asked in the past why the city won't buy a pothole killer, a machine that cleans then fills potholes with stuff that lasts.

The city is redoubling its pothole patching effort, but how effective is it really?

We took a look at a pothole that was patched just minutes before. 

Once a city truck went over it, it had already become loose. 

Current methods simply aren't going to go into the future.

Right now the patching is more of a band-aid than a cure.  

To print a pothole claim form or to report a pothole CLICK HERE.

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