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Demolition finally begins on Woodville Mall

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After being closed and abandoned for more than two years, demolition of the Woodville Mall in Northwood is finally under way.

Many have been anxiously awaiting this demolition ever since the mall closed back in 2011. A Northwood city administrator says the building really started deteriorating in its final years and after it closed, it became an unsafe nuisance, attracting criminals who would break in to steal copper piping. 
City leaders say they'd love to have the mall back how it used to be, but with the condition it was in, they're glad the owners are finally tearing it down.

"Walking in here, it was full of water. There was mildew. It just looked really bad. And now at least, we have some open space. We have some signs of progress," said Bob Anderson, city administrator.

Crews are working six days each week on this demolition. They're about three weeks in and the city administration says they hope to have clear ground by mid-summer.

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