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Residents say clogged ditches cause year-round flooding in Wood Co

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Theflood waters are gone for now near Perrysburg, but home and business ownersalong Five Point Road in Middleton Township say the threat still lingers.

Thehomeowners say they want to know why the clogged ditches in the area haven'tbeen cleared. They say the flooding keeps happening.

JanineCox had to move many of her animals at Trinity Acres out of her barns becauseof high water recently, and she blames the ditches.

"Thesilt has built up over the last 30 years," Cox said. "The fields aren't able toproperly drain. There is a lot of brush and debris; there are a lot of treesthat have grown."

Homeownerssay nothing has been done to fix the year-round problem.

TheWood County engineer says it's a township road, so Middleton Township officialsare responsible for the upkeep, but the township's road supervisor says therehas to be an agreement between the homeowner and the county to clean up theditches.

 "We are hesitant about the thaw," Cox said. "Ithink we're going to have more rain, more flooding, and so with the ditchesstill not being cleared, we're going to be back to where we started."

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