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Congresswoman Kaptur reacts to events in Ukraine

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Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur gets very emotional when talking about the crisis in Ukraine.

That's because of her family's Ukrainian heritage.

Ms. Kaptur says the world community needs to wrap its arms around the country.

She proudly wears a pin featuring the Ukrainian flag and believes this is a break-point in its history.

"If one loves liberty, one has to pay attention here. If one knows anything about history, no place on earth suffered more during the last century than Ukraine," said Ms. Kaptur.

Ms. Kaptur says if the Ukrainian government asks international peace-keeping forces should be sent in.

Something needs to be done to maintain the order.

"All the heads of their departments have gone. Whether it's roads, internal security, flooding. Everything has changed in the last few weeks. So there's great instability," said Ms. Kaptur.

Ms. Kaptur says Russian President Vladimir Putin has much to account for.

He's not a freedom lover for invading Ukraine.

"Let us find a way to reduce tension, to get the situation calm so people can go about building their country," she said.

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