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Password Fatigue: Helping you keep track of your online log-ins

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When was the last time you went a day without getting online or using a password?

We use passwords everyday, for work, social media or paying bills.

So how do you beat the password fatigue?

You name it, you can do it online in 2014.

Tech giants are responding to the fatigue. There are just as many solutions as there are password problems.

Marcel Horsley, assistant manager at Verizon Wireless, says there are three password applications worth looking in to.

They're all available on Android and Apple devices. KeePass is free and randomly generates and remembers a password for you.

"KeePass is an app I use, where it remembers my email address. Now, I know the password for my email address. So I put that password in, and it basically lets me in. Once I'm there, I have everything set up. For example, I've got my Buckeye Cable. I've got my driver's license. There may be websites that I visit that I can't remember passwords on. All I really need is just that one password to get in there. Once I get inside that application, all the other passwords are there," said Horsley.

The downside to this app?

You have to input all the passwords, manually.

"LastPass I like," said Horsley. "Last pass is pretty cool."

LastPass is free on the Android and the Apple store, but costs $12/year to subscribe.

It's another option for storing multiple passwords in one place and it's also available on Windows, computers and laptops.

LastPass also creates the kind of password experts recommend you have, with symbols, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

When you browse new sites, LastPass will auto-fill the log-in, meaning it creates and stores a password, yet you don't have to remember it.

"Driver's license, passport, credit card information, bank statement information. This one's more tailored to the person that's on the go," said Horsley. 

Finally, 1password. It's free on Android and $17.99 in the Apple store. 
It stores passwords in one location and allows secure browsing, but, Marcel says he's not a huge fan of the setup.

"It's a lot of the steps and a lot of the hoops that the application makes you jump through."
It's a lot of hoops for crooks to jump through, too.

Most any password management you choose will have the information stored on a securely encrypted database.

If you're not into apps, the best advice to managing passwords is to keep them different! Do not re-use the same one!

Click here for security bullet points and links to these apps.

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