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Suspension reduced for Clarksville student with knife in car

David Duren-Sanner David Duren-Sanner

The suspension has been reduced for a Clarksville student who says he brought a knife to campus without knowing it.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools officials said a school resource officer spotted a knife with a five-inch blade in the car senior David Duren-Sanner drove to Northeast High. Duren-Sanner said he was driving his father's car and had no idea the fishing knife was in there.

School officials initially recommended Duren-Sanner be suspended to an alternative school for 90 days.

After an appeal held at the school system office Wednesday morning, Duren-Sanner will only face 30 days at an alternative school. The new suspension means Duren-Sanner will be able to attend prom and walk with his classmates at graduation.

"I didn't do anything wrong," said Duren-Sanner. "I'm completely innocent, and I should have my normal life back."

Duren-Sanner said he's stunned by all the support including a petition to defend him on now totaling nearly 19,000 supporters. 

"It's very much appreciated that they support the student, but we're going to make the best decision for the student and the school system regardless of petitions," said Elise Shelton of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System.

"This is important," said Duren-Sanner's father, Gregory Sanner. "It's his future. He's worked hard for it. He deserves it. If it took ruffling some feathers, that just shows how much we want him to succeed."

School system officials add, the incident shouldn't hurt Duren-Sanner's applications to college since they only transfer his academic record. Family members said Duren-Sanner will also be going to juvenile court in a few weeks on a possession of weapons charge.

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