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BBB Alert: Online prescription drug ads could be a scam

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Most people have probably seen ads for prescription drugs all over the Internet. They pop up and surround many web pages. Some even claim that they will sell you drugs without a prescription, and at a really low cost. But some are dangerous; the scammers that operate them play a scary game.

Here is how it works. You buy prescription weight loss or sleep aid drugs from a low cost website. Suddenly you get an email or phone call from so-called "government agents."  These "agents" claim you will be prosecuted for illegally buying these drugs. They say you will be arrested and embarrassed, unless you send them thousands of dollars.

Do not fall for this racket! Get their addresses are report to the authorities.

Drugs from the Internet are dangerous as many are counterfeit.

Toledo News Now wants to help if you've been the victim of a scam. If you need help, Call our Call 11 For Action office at 419-255-2255. Click here for more scam alerts from Toledo News Now and the Better Business Bureau.

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