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Collin Boyd beats cancer again, throws first pitch


He's become the first pitch extraordinaire.

To even be on a baseball field is a miracle in itself for Collin Boyd. Collin fought off and beat cancer back in November of 2012, but after a year in remission, doctors found another spot on Collin's lung this past December.

He just finished having the fourth surgery of his young life.

The biggest hit or pitch of the night didn't come from teams playing in the 23rd Annual Rose City Classic. That honor was Collin's, who threw out the ceremonial first before the last game of the night.

"It's very exciting," Collin said. When asked what goes through his mind, he said, "Just don't mess up."

Collin practices in the backyard with his dad.

Boyd, who just celebrated a month cancer-free, didn't show up to Mike Carter field in ordinary fashion.

He was flown in by ETMC Air 1.

"It was really exciting and fun," Collin said. "We flew around Tyler for a little while and I saw my school." Collin's dad Jimmy added, "It's very exciting to see him come in on a helicopter. That's the most dramatic entrance that I have seen for a first pitch. Very emotional, little teary eyed when you first see the helicopter clear the tree and come in."

Throwing out a first pitch in front a few hundred fans is nothing. After beating cancer the first time, Collin threw out the first pitch at a Rangers game.

When asked where tonight ranked for Collin, he said, "Probably the first."

Dad added, "This is the top two I would say. Rangers is probably top one, but I don't think you can beat this entrance. That was pretty cool."

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