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Don't Waste Your Money: Beware of $9.84 charge on credit cards

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The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a suspicious charge showing up on many credit card bills that is appearing a month after the massive Target security breach.

Jeri Moose opened her January MasterCard bill to find an unusual charge of $9.84 on the statement.

"I immediately got on the phone, looked at the number on the back of my card, and called the department at Chase," Moose said. "And I said, 'I have the $9.84 charge that the news says I should be on the lookout for.'"

The Better Business Bureau says it is also receiving a number of complaints.

Who Is Behind The Mystery Charge?

The security blog Krebs on Security believes hackers who may or may not be connected with the Target breach, or other recent breaches, may be testing card numbers with an innocent looking charge of $9.84.

A fee of under $10 often flies under the radar, and is not noticed by card holders. It can be a "test" charge to see if a card number is valid, or could be the first of a recurring monthly fee.

It may be listed as "customer support," making the charge looking even more innocent.

What You Should Do

The Better Business Bureau says if you find this charge:

-Alert your card company immediately.

-Request a new card, as yours is compromised.

-Do not pay the charge. Contest it as fraudulent.

This comes as other retailers, including Michaels and Neiman Marcus, have admitted they were hit by hackers in recent months.

Moose says she has not shopped at Target in a year, so she believes her card was compromised somewhere else. It's a good reminder that no matter where you shop, check your statement carefully. 

Krebs on Security believes shoppers may be finding these fees simply because they are now inspecting their bill in the wake of the Target breach; they might have missed this charge three months ago.

Stay on guard so you don't waste your money.

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