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Fire claims two businesses in historic section of East Texas city


A fire destroys two historic East Texas businesses. Three fire departments were called out at around 4 a.m. to the 100 block of Jefferson street in downtown Pittsburg. The morning blaze lit up the sky over downtown.

"The fire had got into the attic, and with them having a common attic on these two buildings it went from one structure to the other," says Pittsburg fire Chief Carl Cravey.

Two businesses, Nora's Salon and Computer Emporium were both destroyed and fire crews worked quickly to save other buildings.

"By the time I got here, there was four engines, it was fully involved. The building beside was fully involved. The roof caved in," says Computer Emporium owner Terry Colvin.

Investigators believe the fire started in a back room of the computer business and jumped into the attic, spreading from there.

"They do have fire walls in between some of these buildings and that's one thing that helped us keep it to just 2 buildings," Cravey says.

It was the original downtown Pittsburg area, some buildings here for seventy, eighty years and older. It was a source of pride for Pittsburg residents.

"History preserved is a teacher for life. And we believe that so when we lose a structure like this it really hits our heart and hurts us," says Pittsburg mayor Sean Kennington.

There were no injuries in this fire. But there was a definite loss.

"We're going to continue to remember the history of these buildings and the people and at the same time find a way to move forward," Kennington says.

The owner of Computer Emporium says he has rented a building four doors down from his burned out location, and will be back in business this week.

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