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Marathon Petroleum plans to expand headquarters in Findlay flood zone

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Findlay residents know that flooding has become a year-round problem, but finding a fix could come faster now that Marathon Petroleum is hoping to build in one of the flood zones downtown.

Marathon Petroleum has announced plans to expand its headquarters in Findlay. Leaders say first, they need to address flooding concerns in the city.

"We need to get this thing done. We need to get it done now," said Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik.

The mayor, along with other city leaders, hope for a renewed sense of urgency from the army corp of engineers now that Marathon has announced plans for its new $80 million campus on South Main Street. It could bring more than 100 new jobs to Findlay.

Marathon, like many homes and businesses, has been affected by the rising Blanchard River. In 2007, its first floor and basement were flooded, causing more than $4 million worth of damage.

City leaders hope Congress will start viewing the river flooding as not just a local issue, but a national one.

"When you're looking at a corporation like Marathon, who controls a significant amount of the distribution and transportation of fuels throughout not only the United States, but throughout the Midwest, any time they don't have the business continuity that they need in order to get people into work so that they can keep those pipelines running, that becomes a national interest, and that's an issue," explained Mihalik.

Mayor Mihalik, along with a commissioner and local economic leader, made a trip to Washington last week, pushing to finish flood control studies. They may return to the Capitol before the end of the month.

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