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City crews working to repair potholes

Detroit Avenue near Bancroft Street (Source: Nichol Parker Cramer) Detroit Avenue near Bancroft Street (Source: Nichol Parker Cramer)
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

City of Toledo crews were out in force Monday, filling the potholes that mar many Toledo roadways.

Workers from the sewer department were out filling the holes because other city workers are still driving plows and clearing snow. Crews were using what is called a ‘cold mix' to fill the holes, but city leaders say they're hoping to get their hands on some ‘hot mix' soon.  

Officials say the ‘hot mix' is not usually produced until April. The extremely cold winter and heavy snow totals have left the city in desperate need of some hot mix to fill numerous potholes.  

"What we are hoping to do is to get one of the companies to open up, the asphalt companies, so we get hot mix. That works a little bit better, but again these temperatures it's very difficult cold patch or hot mix," said Commissioner of Streets, Bridges and Harbor David Welch.

Welch says it will take some good timing to get all of the city's potholes repaired any time soon.

"If it is too cold even the hot mix is not going to make any difference. So we are trying to get the opportune time to get the nice warmer weather, and when I say weather I mean up in the 20's or so and coincide that with the opening of the plant," said Welch.

Crews put cold mix down in potholes on the following streets today:

-          The Anthony Wayne Trail from South Avenue to downtown Toledo

-          Detroit Avenue from the Anthony Wayne Trail to Copland Boulevard

-          Berdan Avenue from Detroit Avenue to Willy's Parkway

-          Douglas Road from Dorr Street to Kenwood Boulevard

-          South Avenue from Kuhlman Drive to Sumner Street

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Did a pothole damage your vehicle? Click here to find out how to file a claim and possibly get reimbursed for repairs.

To report a pothole in the city of Toledo, call 419-936-BUMP (2867). Drivers can report potholes in other areas to the Ohio Department of Transportation here.

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