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Teen recovering after flu-related coma

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Imagine this.

You're leading a normal, healthy life.

Then you come down with a case of the flu, end up in the hospital and in a coma.

That's what happened last year to 17 year old Max Clark.

Max snapped out of the coma after 48 days.

But he suffered through seizures and loss of voluntary muscle control, part of a rare condition called A-D-E-M.

It could be 1-5 years before he's fully recovered.

"The whole family had the flu last year. He just got it worse and it affected his brain instead of just having a cough or cold," said Max's mom Mary.

She adds that nobody in the family had a flu shot.

On Saturday, a benefit was held called 'Have a Heart for Max Clark.'

It was at the place that's helping Max back on the road to recovery, The Center at Alternative Physical Therapy.

There was the usual silent auction and raffles and Toledo's holistic community came together to donate services such as aroma therapy and massages.

Max comes to the center three days a week.

"We're working on his mobility, body control, alignment, how his eyes focus, formation of speech, how he's able to swallow," said Lisa Kelly of the center.

Getting around to appointments and family events is a strain for Max.

Money raised at the center will go towards the purchase of a gently used wheelchair accessible van.

Mary Clark has advice for all who hear about her son's ordeal.

"I just encourage everyone to get their flu shots. It's so important. He might not have been this sick if he had his flu shot last year," said Mary.

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