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Editorial: School calamity day editorial inspires passionate responses


The editorial last week that took issue with Governor Kasich's plan to add calamity days and not extend the school year received a lot of attention.

In addition to the emails I received, I am told that the Twitter crowd treated me harshly.  Just to be clear:  I never said that calamity days were a bad idea. I did not label all children as lazy. I didn't say anything negative regarding teachers. My point was that kids need as much teaching as possible and a solid education makes a difference. Yet some of the responses accused me of all manner of idiocy and student/teacher bashing! Anyway, here are just a few excerpts:

Some parents said their children are serious students.

Quote: "my children did a variety of activities including games, math and reading."

"My daughter read 12 books, took countless tests online."

Other responses found me irritating.

Quote: "Where in the blank do you get off saying schools need to just make up the days?" And "Shame on you"

Others expressed concern over extending the school year into the hotter days of June. Comments like, "The students will not learn anything of great significance in a 90 degree classroom if they have to make up those days.  Mentally, kids will be on summer break already."

A fair number of viewers agreed with me, which was nice.

Thanks to all of you for watching and for taking the time to tell me how you feel. Your responses are always welcomed.  Your viewership is deeply appreciated.

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